the Horn Farm Paste Mob

Paul Goodman, “The Present Moment In Education” (1969)

The pre-requisite of city-planning is that children be able to use the city; for no city is governable if it does not grow citizens who feel that the city is theirs.


KCET, original Dance Dance Revolution difficulty ratings

1 – Simple
2 – Moderate
3 – Ordinary
4 – Superior
5 – Marvelous
6 – Genuine
7 – Paramount
8 – Exorbitant
9 – Catastrophic

(These names were used for difficulty ratings in the first several Japanese editions of DDR, as well as Dance Dance Revolution USA, the first arcade release explicitly intended for America. They then mostly vanished, but have apparently returned in the Challenge Mode of Dance Dance Revolution Universe for XBox 360, with the addition of “Apocalyptic” for the tenth difficulty level.)


Sir Froggi Froggi, Geegaw January 8th, 2006

If de Grate Froggi half made froggi to be solitarie well den de Grate Froggi wood half made froggis SILENT ah say. But god half beshtowed us wif speeche an spellin an frenz an each udder (to Mirander ah sed dis) an sed Mirander “Sillie Froggi ah KNO you doan belief in dat Grate Froggi stuff” an sed ah, Yesh, an praps ole aythist Froggi mush hang his hed, but Froggi mithologie ah complex an mush simplifye foah de sakes of such ash Mirander wot doan half degree in Frog-loare, an all froggis ah brot up from bean li’ul tadpoal to be gratefull, tho to wot oah whoom we do not kno.


Alistair Reid, Ounce, Dice, Trice

Ounce, dice, trice, quartz, quince, sago, serpent, oxygen, nitrogen, denim.

Instant, distant, tryst, catalyst, quest, sycamore, sophomore, oculist, novelist, dentist.

Archery, butchery, treachery, taproom, tomb, sermon, cinnamon, apron, nunnery, density.

Acreage, brokerage, cribbage, carthage, cage, sink, sentiment, ointment, nutmeg, doom.


Sarah Ovenall & Georg Patterson, Victoria Regina Tarot companion

[On the sources for their rendition of The Tower:]

The falling figure was a Quebecois being thrown in the air by his comrades, a welcoming ritual known as le bouncing. The French publication helpfully noted that the word was “prononcez baouncing.”


101 Zen Stories (translation by Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki)

One day a fifty-year-old student of enlightenment said to Shinkan: “I have studied the Tendai school of thought since I was a little boy, but one thing in it I cannot understand. Tendai claims that even the grass and trees will become enlightened. To me this seems very strange.”

“Of what use is it to discuss how grass and trees become enlightened?” asked Shinkan. “The question is how you yourself can become so. Did you ever consider that?”


Kate Bornstein, My Gender Workbook

So this angel walks into a bar.

And she walks up to the first cowboy and she says, Hey… how do you people tell each other apart? You all look so much alike. And this cowboy turns to her real slow, and he says, “What makes you think we can tell ourselves apart?”