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I said I’d never live in New York; now I live in New York

As the end of last year gets farther away, these mixes start looking older and older to me, and I get back in the swing of listening to new things. So it’s nice that this week contains a song by one of the artists whose new albums I had on repeat this weekend, Food For Animals. (Fair warning before you skip directly to that track: it’s hip-hop based around electronic noise. With that and the Momus song, this one is likely unsuitable for playing to coworkers.) Also, if you like the White Rose Movement song you should definitely hear Klaxons, and vice versa.

Anyway, welcome to THIS GREAT SECRET:

01 PORTASTATIC You Blanks (acoustic) (Some Small Things You Can’t Defend)
02 EPIC MAN & PLAN B More Is Enough (single)
03 CHRISTINE FELLOWS Souvenirs (Paper Anniversary)
04 WHITE ROSE MOVEMENT Girls In The Back (Kick)
05 NEW FLESH Arms House (Universally Dirty)
06 TH’ FAITH HEALERS Hippy Hole (Peel Sessions)
07 GIRL TALK Too Deep (Night Ripper)
08 KATIE THE PEST Sober (This Giant Will Kill You)
09 ARMALITE I Am A Pancreas (I Seek To Understand Me) (Armalite)
10 MOMUS Ex-Erotomane (Ocky Milk)
11 THE WHITEST BOY ALIVE Burning (Dreams)
12 MARK RONSON Just (Exit Music: Songs For Radio Heads compilation)
13 MAXIMO PARK A19 (Missing Songs)
14 THE BLOW Fists Up (Paper Television)
15 HAYWOOD Far Rockaway (As Long As There Is Track, I Will Not Go Back)
16 SPITALFIELD The Only Thing That Matters (Better Than Knowing Where You Are)
17 KEENE BROTHERS Island Of Lost Lucys (Blues & Boogie Shoes)
18 ORENDA FINK Bloodline (Invisible Ones)
19 FOOD FOR ANIMALS Elephants (Cut And Paste Your Face EP)
20 AMY RAY Driver Education (Prom)
21 TUNNG Surprise Me 44 (Mother’s Daughter And Other Songs)
22 JURASSIC 5 Get It Together (Feedback)
23 SMOOSH Find A Way (Free To Stay)
24 KLAXONS Gravity’s Rainbow (Xan Valleys EP)

Small print: “You Blanks” appeared in original form on a Portastatic album that also came out last year; this version was better. Th’ Faith Healers’ song is from a new BBC archival release. Katie The Pest’s EP may or may not have been recent enough to include, technically; the webpage and the CD’s own credits conflict. But come on, it kills. Finally, that Haywood album doesn’t actually exist. Apparently.

* This is the seventh mix of eight for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Permanent help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by
* your favorite XXXXXXXXXXXX,

* JJ Rackjobber.


but you know how hard listening can be

GREEL STAGES contains the absolute best segue any of these mixes has this year. Not that you ought to care, but if you do…

Track listing:

01 THE LOUD FAMILY & ANTON BARBEAU Mavis Of Maybelline Towers (What If It Works?)
02 THE FUTUREHEADS Back To The Sea (News & Tributes)
03 CLEA Keep It Cool (Trinity)
04 PAPER MOON String Of Blinking Lights (Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day)
05 BOY KILL BOY Suzie (Civilian)
06 SPANK ROCK Backyard Betty (YoYoYoYoYo)
07 ERIC MATTHEWS Needle In The Hay (To: Elliott / From: Portland)
08 THE HOLLOWAYS Malcontented One (So This Is Great Britain?)
09 WHITE FLIGHT Now (White Flight)
10 MATMOS Kendo For Yukio Mishima (The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast)
11 MR. LIF Murs Iz My Manager (feat. Murs) (Mo Mega)
12 MARIA TAYLOR One For The Shareholder (11:11)
13 FALL OUT BOY The Music Or The Misery (From Under The Cork Tree reissue)
14 BOB HILLMAN Have You Heard The One About The Rabbi And The Priest? (If You Lived Here You’d Be Home)
15 TY Sweating For Your Salary (feat. Wumni & Dele Sosimi) (Closer)
16 THE RAKES Binary Love (Capture/Release)
17 BEN FOLDS Lost In The Supermarket (Over The Hedge soundtrack)
18 MENEGUAR House Of Cats (I Was Born At Night)
19 VIENNA TENG Whatever You Want (Dreaming Through The Noise)
20 COLDCUT True Skool (feat. Roots Manuva) (Sound Mirrors)
21 BIT SHIFTER Activation Theme (Information Chase EP)
22 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SexyBack (FutureSex/LoveSounds)

Small print: Those Clea and Holloways discs were UK-only releases, and I think the Ty record might have been too; normally Big Dada gets distribution in the US, but I just never saw it show up.

* This is the sixth mix of eight for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Unshakable help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by
* your favorite developmental stage manager,

* JJ Rackjobber.


swear to god, they don’t get me at all

The dry title of BID REFERENCE conceals a wealth of mellow electronic threats, reggae, and syntactically funny band names. There’s a lot of the latter; maybe I should have worked in His Name Is Alive, Now It’s Overhead, The Hold Steady and Saturday Looks Good To Me too instead of spreading them out over the other discs. Download it here. Track listing:

01 SOUTH Shallow (Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars)
02 GET HIM EAT HIM The Coronation Show (Do As I Tell You EP)
03 MATISYAHU Jerusalem (Youth)
04 THE ARK One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young (State Of The Ark)
05 HOT CHIP The Warning (The Warning)
06 MATES OF STATE Fraud In The 80s (Bring It Back)
07 DYKEHOUSE I Want To Give To You What I’ve Got To Put Into You (Idol Tryouts 2 compilation)
08 VOXTROT Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives (Mothers, Sisters EP)
09 PARIS HILTON Screwed (Paris)
11 DELAYS Lillian (You See Colours)
12 TV ON THE RADIO Wolf Like Me (Return To Cookie Mountain)
14 PAZA Hopefoolia (Filesystems compilation)
15 SO MANY DYNAMOS Inventing Gears (Flashlights)
16 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise (Babylon Springs EP)
17 WE ARE SCIENTISTS This Scene Is Dead (With Love And Squalor)
18 CASEY DIENEL Doctor Monroe (Wind-Up Canary)
19 SEAN PAUL Bounce It Right There (Ever Blazin’ And Rare Tunes EP)
20 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO Be Gentle With Me (The Best Party Ever)

Small print: No archival releases this week, but five of the records these are from were EPs, and more of them probably should have been.

* This is the fifth of eight mixes for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Invaluable help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by

* your favorite undertrick,
* JJ Rackjobber.


those punk kids are doing something right; they have videos and they don’t have a gender

Huzzah! EMMA, LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD is here. Track listing:

01 PETER BJORN & JOHN Amsterdam (Writer’s Block)
02 MODESELEKTOR (feat. TTC) Dancing Box (Hello Mom!)
03 DEVINE & STATTON In The Rain (Cardiffians)
04 ROOTS MANUVA Double Drat (Alternately Deep)
05 THE DRESDEN DOLLS Dirty Business (Yes, Virginia)
07 JENS LEKMAN The Opposite Of Hallelujah (The Opposite Of Hallelujah EP)
09 BRAZILIAN GIRLS Jique (Talk To La Bomb)
10 SMUT PEDDLERS Diseases (Porn Again Revisited)
11 CALIFORNIA ORANGES Run Away (Souvenirs)
12 BARR Is All For Updated (Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case)
14 HELEN LOVE Junk Shop Discoteque (single)
15 VYBZ KARTEL Bad Man Party 2 (J.M.T.)
16 APOPTYGMA BERSERK Shine On (You And Me Against The World bonus track)
17 TOMMY HEAVENLY6 Lcdd (Tommy Heavenly6)
18 CEX Chicago (Actual Fucking)
20 PINK Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) (I’m Not Dead)
21 THE DOUBLE Loose In The Air (Idiocy)
22 JME Serious (Run The Road remix) (Run The Road 2 compilation)
23 THE HOUSEMARTINS Sunday Isn’t Sunday (Live At The BBC)
24 THE MARS VOLTA Day Of The Baphomets (Amputechture)

This one has several languages, some performance art, and diseases. (Like frostbite!) You seriously need to at least hear “Dancing Box”.

Small print: The records by Devine & Statton and Smut Peddlers were (expanded) reissues, and the Housemartins track is from an archival release. Also, if you are the sort of person who cares enough to read the small print here but you haven’t been looking at the cover images that come with these mixes, you should.

* This is the fourth mix of eight for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Sleepless help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by,

* your favorite chili-parlor mountebank,
* JJ Rackjobber.


the fucking damages are minor! fucker!

SERVICES. Torrent available here. Track listing:

01 THE PAPER CHASE We Know Where You Sleep (Now You Are One Of Us)
02 HERBERT Something Isn’t Right (Scale)
03 DON JUAN DRACULA Down In The City (Young Debutantes II)
04 EMM GRYNER See The Sea (The Summer Of High Hopes)
05 DESTROYER European Oils (Destroyer’s Rubies)
06 RANDOM Searching For Atlantis (Happy Ending After All)
07 THE STREETS Hotel Expressionism (The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living)
08 INFADELS Jagger ’67 (We Are Not The Infadels)
09 JONATHAN COULTON Code Monkey (Thing A Week 3)
10 AESOP ROCK The Next Best Thing (7″)
11 THE BLUE AEROPLANES Up In A Down World (Altitude)
12 DAR WILLIAMS Beautiful Enemy (My Better Self)
13 PEACHES Stick It To The Pimp (Impeach My Bush)
14 SWAY Download (This Is My Demo)
15 ANAMANAGUCHI Video Challenge (Power Supply)
16 CALVIN JOHNSON Rabbit Blood (Before The Dream Faded)
17 MARIT BERGMAN Alone Together (I Think It’s A Rainbow)
18 TOKYO POLICE CLUB Cheer It On (A Lesson In Crime)
19 CLUE TO KALO The Just Is Enough (One Way, It’s Every Way)
20 THE HUSH SOUND We Intertwined (Like Vines)
21 THE GOTHIC ARCHIES Crows (The Tragic Treasury)
22 PONY PANTS Haircutz (‘Til Death Do Us Party)

This one has a lot of very skillful swearing, mostly deployed with admirable reserve.

* Small print: The records by Random and Anamanaguchi can be downloaded in full for free at, as can almost everything else the label puts out. And yes, I know that’s not how you spell “infidel”.

* This is the third mix of eight for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Vital help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by

* your favorite terrifying secret,
* JJ Rackjobber.


2006 mix #2

Next up, THE VISIBLE. Torrent available here. As ever, if you want to hear it but are having trouble with torrents, let me know. Track listing:

01 THE ABSENTEE We Should Never Have Children (Schmotime)
02 XIU XIU Save Me Save Me (The Air Force)
03 AUDIOGARDE Mardi Gras (Cock Rock Disco 2006 compilation)
04 BABY RAY Superbutch (Low Rises)
05 DAVID SUGAR Totally On (Fresh Off The Chip)
06 TILLY & THE WALL Bad Education (Bottoms Of Barrels)
07 ROBOTS IN DISGUISE The DJ’s Got A Gun (Get Rid!)
08 JON AUER Josephine (Songs From The Year Of Our Demise)
09 SAFETY SCISSORS Sunlight’s On The Other Side (Tainted Lunch)
10 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Rudebox (Rudebox)
11 ROBERT POLLARD Rhoda Rhoda (Normal Happiness)
12 SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME Hiding (Sound On Sound)
13 HIS NAME IS ALIVE Maybe Again When I Leave U (Detrola)
14 THE LONG WINTERS Teaspoon (Putting The Days To Bed)
15 SUGABABES I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor (Pop! Justice comp)
16 BELLE & SEBASTIAN The Blues Are Still Blue (The Life Pursuit)
17 ANDREW W.K. Pushing Drugs (Close Calls With Brick Walls)
18 ELECTRIC SIX I Buy The Drugs (Switzerland)
19 ROCKETSHIP The Scene Section (Here Comes Rocketship)
20 IMOGEN HEAP Glittering Cloud (The Plague Of Locusts) (Plague Songs comp)
21 GET HIM EAT HIM Patronage (The Rude Reach EP)
22 AMOR ANTIQUITA Lost Something (Metallic Sonatas)
23 THE CORAL In The Morning (The Invisible Invasion)
24 BARBARA MORGENSTERN The Operator (The Grass Is Always Greener)

If you got a CD from me on New Year’s Eve, this mix and the last one were switched, and this had a different title and worse artwork. Things are much better this way.

* Small print: The songs by Robbie Williams and Barbara Morgenstern are both single mixes, though the album versions aren’t markedly different, just longer. Saturday Looks Good To Me’s song is from an archival collection of singles and whatnot, mostly only on vinyl before. The Sugababes track is a cover of the Arctic Monkeys single, which I liked until I heard the Sugababes do it better– at least the Sugababes were alive in 1984, even if, being infants, they probably didn’t spend much time in dance clubs.

* This is the second of eight mixes for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Unblinking help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by
* your favorite Turkish armorer,
* JJ Rackjobber.


2006 mix #1

For the eleventh time (!) my year’s end was spent making a mix of my favorite recent releases*, where in this case when I say “a mix” I mean eight CDs’ worth of mixes.

These will be posted once a week, probably on Tuesday, until I run out. This first one is called COERCIVE EPISTEMIC MODEL and you can download it via BitTorrent here. Personally, I like listening to mixes straight through once before I read the track listing, but then, I am That Guy in this respect. If you want to know what you’re getting into:

01 ROBERT POLLARD I’m A Strong Lion (From A Compound Eye)
02 LO-FI-FNK End (Boylife)
03 KOOL KEITH Trees (The Return Of Dr. Octagon)
04 DAVID & THE CITIZENS Absent Mind (Are You In My Blood? EP)
05 GUILLEMOTS Trains To Brazil (From The Cliffs)
06 CURSIVE Dorothy At Forty (Happy Hollow)
07 TARKIO Weight Of The World (Omnibus)
08 ABOUT Band Dynamics (Bongo)
09 TEDDYBEARS Cobrastyle (Soft Machine)
10 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Why Did You Grow A Beard? (podcast)
11 INDIGO GIRLS Pendulum Swinger (Despite Our Differences)
12 THE LIKE YOUNG Something Fell Through (Last Secrets)
13 SUBTITLE Restructure/Reroute (Terrain To Roam)
14 JAY BRANNAN Soda Shop (Shortbus soundtrack)
15 SCISSOR SISTERS Paul McCartney (Ta-Dah!)
16 RHYMEFEST Brand New (feat. Kanye West) (Blue Collar)
17 SS CARDIACS Wolfies (Fear The Love)
18 DANI SICILIANO Slappers (Slappers)
19 THE PIPETTES Pull Shapes (We Are The Pipettes)
20 VOXTROT The Start Of Something (Raised By Wolves EP)
21 HEAD AUTOMATICA Curious (Popaganda)
22 ISLANDS Rough Gem (Return To The Sea)
23 PIPAS Windswept Room (Sorry Love)
24 DARREN HANLON Happiness Is A Chemical (Fingertips And Mountaintops)

Sorry about the transition out of that Rhymefest song. It really just ends like that.

* Small print: Records were things I first heard in 2006 that came out in either 2005 or 2006. Reissues qualify if they’re new to me and weren’t still in print beforehand. With imports and tiny labels, ‘release date’ can be sort of ambiguous, plus sometimes I’m just wrong.


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