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End of the road. COPPER SAFETY contains a Mindless Self Indulgence cover of the Biggie Smalls song that John Darnielle was referring to in “Fall Of The Star High School Running Back”. It also contains that one song. You know.


01 NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB Get Lucky (single)
02 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS To Fix The Gash In Your Head (web)
03 MURS Murray’s Law (Murray’s Revenge)
04 WINTERGREEN When I Wake Up (The Extended Play EP)
05 TAPES’N'TAPES Cowbell (The Loon)
06 THE HOLD STEADY Chips Ahoy! (Boys And Girls In America)
07 THE KNIFE We Share Our Mother’s Health (Silent Shout)
08 MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE Big Poppa (Shut Me Up + 3)
09 MILKY WIMPSHAKE Hackney (Popshaped)
10 THE CHANGES When I Wake (Today Is Tonight)
11 GNARLS BARKLEY Crazy (St. Elsewhere)
12 SWAN LAKE All Fires (Beast Moans)
13 AARON SCHROEDER A Movin’ Movin’ Train (Southern Heart In Western Skin)
14 LADY SOVEREIGN Blah Blah (Public Warning)
15 FLIN FLON Darlings (Dixie)
16 NOW IT’S OVERHEAD Walls (Dark Light Daybreak)
17 THE FORMAT Time Bomb (Dog Problems)
18 THE DELGADOS 4th Channel (The Complete Peel Sessions)
19 THE STARLIGHT MINTS Seventeen Devils (Drowaton)
20 FOG Inflatable Ape, Pt. 1 (Loss Leader EP)
21 THE CAPES Shinjuku Hi 5 (Hello)
22 KUDU Love Me In Your Language (Death Of The Party)
23 NOMEANSNO Heaven Is The Dust Beneath My Shoes (All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt)

Thank you for listening.

Small print: The Delgados song is originally from the 1997 album Domestiques, but this recording was left off the disc of BBC sessions they released in 2000. The Knife album will be reissued later in 2007 with, like, two bonus discs or something.

* This is the last mix of eight for 2006.
* Graphics by The Grave-Robber Of Sacramento.
* Unalloyed help by the Pharaoh Beatrix.

* Mix by

* your favorite inaccessible portion,
* JJ Rackjobber.


2 Responses to “TOO FAT?”

  1. Anon, on March 2nd, 2007 at 6:19 pm, said:

    Thanks again for the mixes. I was wondering that if you had to compile a one-disc mix from the eight, what would you include?

  2. admin, on March 5th, 2007 at 6:21 pm, said:

    If I were doing this for real, I’d tear my hair out over the final decisions more, but a quick approximation:

    About – Band Dynamics
    Anamanaguchi – Video Challenge
    Barr – Is All For Updated
    Bit Shifter – Activation Theme
    The Blow – Fists Up
    Bob Hillman – Have You Heard The One…?
    Capes – Shinjuku Hi 5
    Fall Out Boy – The Music Or The Misery
    Food For Animals – Elephants
    The Format – Time Bomb
    The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy!
    Hot Chip – The Warning
    Matisyahu – Jerusalem
    Mindless Self Indulgence – Big Poppa
    Modeselektor – Dancing Box
    The Paper Chase – We Know Where You Sleep
    Random – Searching For Atlantis
    Robbie Williams – Rudebox
    Saturday Sounds Good To Me – Hiding
    Tarkio – Weight Of The World
    Voxtrot – The Start Of Something
    (plus unnamed bonus track from disc #32)

    This looks kind of skewed toward beeping noises, but maybe *I* am skewed toward beeping noises.

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