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BLOC PARTY – Intimacy (Atlantic)

Bloc Party’s first album was produced by the exceptional Paul Epworth, their second by middlebrow drama merchant Jacknife Lee. So for the third album, they brought in both producers, and the result plays very much like a battle for Bloc Party’s soul, except that really, this is one of those twisty caper movies where it turns out Bloc Party pawned their soul years ago in order to buy gear, and the whole thing was a setup to deliver Epworth into Lee’s hands for the ransom money, and then internet people argue for months over whether the final scene meant that singer Kele Okereke really was Debbie Harry or what.


Anyway: a few bangin’ tracks that I suspect are Epworth’s and a few definite snoozers I suspect are Lee’s. (We might learn the truth once it comes out for real; at the moment, it’s digital-only and lacking credits.) Then we have a baffling, intriguing handful like “Mercury” where the band spend the whole time pulling quarters out of each other’s ears– there’s a viable, handsome new style that lies in that direction, I think, but I don’t know whether they’ll make it there if they try to go on foot.

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