the Horn Farm Paste Mob


Not sure just what I’ve got here — it has three tracks each from Distressed Gentlefolk and A Scandal In Bohemia, the two other JBC discs Vinyl Japan just reissued. There’s almost nothing from the three (?) other early albums by the band, but the “almost” keeps it from being clearly a licensing issue. Many tracks are apparently unreleased, but aside from the draggy cover of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, none is filler. Enlightenment would be welcome.

Whether this is supposed to be a greatest-hits, a rarities collection, or some third thing, it’s a terrific CD. Even the few slow songs don’t fall into the Creation Records-style torpor that afflicted chunks of the later Jazz Butcher experience, and Pat Fish’s didacticism is in full force. He’s never condescending — it’s more like he’s very, very confused himself and thus thinks you might likewise need a refresher on why kittens are cute or drinking is fun.

Meanwhile, it still seems I like every cover of “Roadrunner” better than the original.


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